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There is an outbreak of Hepatitis A in Jefferson and Bullit Counties.  Everyone should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A to help combat this outbreak.  We do have a good supply of vaccine available.  If you have been seen in the last year, just call and schedule the vaccine.  If you have not been seen, please come in for a visit and vaccination.  We are having some supply issues as are several of the local pharmacies, so please be patient and call to verify availablitly.  We will not be holding doses and it will be a first come first serve basis.   Most Medicare patients need to get their vaccine at the pharmacy.  Passport needs to go to the Health Department.  Any questions, message us through the portal or call. 
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Aprima has an enhanced patient portal that will allow prescription and appointment requests.  You can view your clinical information now.  If you send a message and do not receive a response on your portal site within 48 hours, please call the office. We are a small independent office so we are the ones updating the website and managing the technical issues so please be patient with us! We apologize for the kinks! 

You will need to give your email address at check in (at the office) and a password will be generated for you at that time.  Thank you!


We have a new patient portal with some enhanced features so I hope it works well and improves communication!


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We strive to provide caring, quality healthcare to the entire family. We are an independent office located in far eastern Jefferson County. Dr. Veronica Kavorkian and Dr. Karen Langness trained together at the University of Louisville and their similar practice syles and philosophies drew them together.  

Family Care Physicians opened in September of 2001 and was created by Drs Kavorkian and Langness in a effort to provide a caring healthcare environment.