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We are making ongoing changes to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. 

Anything you read here is subject to change and please be patient with us!

Screening Questions: 

Please review the questions on the link below:

We are still offerring Telehealth visits and routine in office care. 

To lessen exposure risks to our well patients and staff, we will be separating respiratory illness visits from all other patient times. 

If you have an appointment for a routine visit but answer "yes" to the screening questions above,

call the office before your appointment to let us know so we can make appropriate adjustments. 

We are also offering telemedicine visits that include audio and video.  These visits can be billed to insurance. 

If you have not completed this year's demographic form please complete this form allowing us to treat you.  

When you schedule a telemedicine visit, you are giving consent for telemedicine services. 

If you do not have video capability (A smart phone) we are now offering private pay telephone consultations

when appropriate,for $40 because these can not be billed to insurance. See the consent under patient forms and here. 

What you can do.

Wear a face mask.  Everyone will be required to wear their own into the office . 

Only the patient is allowed into the office.  If the patient is a minor child or needs assistance, then one family member may assist.  

Wash your hands and don't touch your face. Stay home when you are sick and until all symptoms resolve.

Cover your cough and sneeze.

Get screened for COVID-19 through

If you are ill and would not have sought medical care if not for COVID-19, do not seek care. 

Use supportive treatments like you would for any respiratory infection and follow home quarantine guidance.

If you are sick and feel you need an evaluation, call and report that you are sick. 

Please CALL when you arrive.

You will be directed on when to walk into the building, already wearing a mask and be directed into an exam room.

(updated 7/6/21)