COVID Booster Shots Print
We are offerring the Moderna COVID vaccine. Moderna is indicated down to 6months but we only have the dosing for 6 years and up.
All COVID vaccines may be boostered by any of the 3 available vaccines.
If you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you NEED to get a booster at least 2 months from your initial dose.
If you received the Pfizer vaccine and are over 12, get a booster 5 months after your second dose and may have another 4 months after that.
If you received the Moderna vaccine and it's been 5 months from your second dose get a booster. A second booster is available 4 months later.
The CDC has stated everyone over 12 needs one booster when it's time.
The main focus should still be vaccinating the unvaccinated. Please get a vaccine if you haven't.

This is not the third Pfizer or Moderna dose for the immunocompromised, it’s a booster. It's the same vaccine but the dose of the Moderna vaccine is lower in the booster (Pfizer is the same dose). The immunocompromised NEED to receive a third full dose.

Click to register at other local facilities if you do not want the Moderna vaccine or want a different time than we have available.